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£ 8,878,000,000

The UK Cyber Security Market is Worth £8.9bn

The cyber security market is growing.

The UK’s cyber security industry has grown to £8.9bn, 56% from £5.7 billion in 2017.

The UK Government will invest £1.9bn over 5 years in the cyber security sector.

Attacks are increasing. Businesses are reacting.

75% of large businesses have had cyber security breaches in the last 12 months.

Cyber security is a high priority for 8/10 senior management boards.

Competition for Resellers & MSPs is increasing.

There are 75% more cyber security firms in the UK since 2017.

And there are 48% more employees working in the cyber security sector since 2017.

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Identity & Access
Intelligent Email

Manage and protect your customers email. In the cloud, on-prem or hybrid - we've got you covered.

 Stop advanced threats.
 Stay compliant and productive.
 Keep your data safe.
Secure all endpoints with Gartner recognised endpoint protection - for small businesses to large organisations.

 Prevent Cyberattacks
 Detect and Manage Threats
 Respond Effectively Through Automation
Network and cloud protection that goes beyond firewalls and zero trust access to all your apps and data, from any device and location.

 Manage complex and distributed networks.
 Ensure high performance between locations and to the cloud.
 Always keep security top of mind.
Relieve IT admins daily effort and make managing cyber security the simplest it’s ever been - with no security compromise.

 Highest levels of security with autonomous threat prevention.
 Rapid response to changing security needs with fastest policy installation and upgrades.
 Implement best practices in a single click.
App Security
Protect your apps with one simple platform - comprehensive, scalable application security that is easy to deploy and manage.

 Stop DDoS, API, Zero-Day and other app threats.
 Find and remediate vulnerabilities automatically.
 Stop today’s most advanced, malicious bots.
Identity & Access
By putting identity at the heart of their security strategy, your customers can move fearlessly forward knowing their most critical assets are secure.

 Manage privileged accounts and credentials.
 Secure workforce and customer identities.
 Secure and manage access for applications and other non-human identities.
Web security and management that unites spyware, malware, and virus protection with a powerful policy and reporting engine

 Protect your business from web-based cyber-threats.
 Protect against web-based threats.
 Monitor network and user activity.
Identify sensitive content in unstructured and structured, on-premises or cloud data, and reduce your customers risks, detecting suspicious user behaviour in time to stop a breach.

 Minimize the risk of a breach making quick and informed responses.
 Promptly detect data security threats
 Achieve, maintain and prove compliance

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