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At Soltech IT we love computers and we’re passionate about technology and how it never stays the same.

We focus on success, whether it’s being winners alongside the likes of Google and Apple at the ‘2018 Innovation and Excellence Awards’, or helping in excess of 750 customers including globally recognised organisations, such as Costa Coffee, The Royal British Legion, Taylor Wimpey and The University of Oxford, stay one step ahead of their industry and business challenges.

Our team is dedicated to maintaining and improving ICT standards and reducing ICT costs within the schools and academies we work with in 53 Local Education Authorities.

Our senior management team work alongside our team of highly qualified Microsoft and Apple engineers to project manage new filtered internet connections, ensuring you have a smooth transfer with very minimal inconvenience if any at all.

Post installation, support is covered by our Helpdesk team who are available Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 to help you with any questions you may have or indeed changes to your filtering.

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What is Shield Broadband?

Educational Broadband & Filtering

Monitoring and Reporting

Schools are required to monitor and report on user activity for both pupils and staff. Shield filtering provides  comprehensive monitoring and reporting with instant email notification.

Blocking Illegal Content

Shield ensures access to illegal content is blocked including blocking access to materials on the Child Abuse Images and Content (CAIC) list, provided by the IWF and materials on the police assessed list of unlawful terrorist content.

Cost Effective Broadband

When it comes to choosing a broadband solution for education, one of the biggest considerations is filtering. Schools have a responsibility to safeguard children from accessing potentially inappropriate or harmful material online. However, children still need to learn how to use the internet safely and that includes learning what to do when they access inappropriate content.

No filtering system can ever be fully effective, or effective all of the time, however Shield’s filtering solution ensures schools have the ability to satisfy relevant guidance, like Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Managing Inappropriate Material

Shield filtering allows educational organisations the meet The Department for Education (DfE) requirement for schools to manage and have an appropriate level of filtering, as defined by UK Safer Internet Centre.

Keeping Pupils and Staff Safe in Education

  • SafeDNS and zVelo IWF Member / CAIC illegal content blocking
  • Police assessed list integration
  • ICSA Labs certified firewall
  • Category filtering – I.E Discrimination, Extremism, Pornography and more
  • Age and role appropriate filtering
  • Ability to filter or deny access to specific content
  • SafeSearch for search engines – I.E Google, YouTube
  • Network level filtering
  • Monitoring, reporting and instant notification functionality
  • User and time based filtering (UBF/TBF)
  • Android, Apple Watch and iOS app notification and monitoring
  • Advance features of Shield filtering.
  • MAC and GeoIP filtering
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
  • Anti-Spoofing
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS)
  • NAT mapping (inbound/outbound)
  • Guest network with captive portal
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionality
  • HTTPS and Antivirus filtering
  • SSL encryption

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Call from Consultant

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Review Package and Pricing

The Soltech Consultant will send you a tailored Shield Broadband package and pricing for you to review and make a decision on.


Project and Implementation Planning

Every client has a dedicated project manager who will work with you on the planning and implementation of the new provider. They will communicate with your third party providers to ensure continuity of service, for instance contacting your printing suppliers and MIS provider (Sims, Arbor, LA).


Switch On Date

We will move you over from your service provider on an agreed date. After the switchover, we provide on-going support services to the school without additional costs.

GFI Software and Soltech IT Partnership

Greg Clarke, Sales Director of Distribution, GFI Software

“Continuing with GFI’s commitment within the education sector, we have teamed up with Soltech IT in order to provide a complete and accredited internet filtering solution to schools. Working with Soltech IT means we are able to deliver a true end to end solution, from hardware design and specification to ongoing ‘boots on the ground IT support’ supplied by Soltech IT. We look forward in helping schools reduce the cost they are currently paying whilst ensuring ongoing internet safeguarding.”

Stuart Clark, UK Sales Director, Soltech IT

“We have been providing IT support and complimentary services such as remote backup, visitor system and grant funding to schools for many years, working with GFI now means we are able to save schools much needed money on their filtering so it can be used towards pupil outcomes. We are delighted to offer this service as a standalone product or in conjunction with IT support. We perform the full implementation from start to finish then support going forwards so you are safe knowing you are covered”

Trusted by 53 UK Local Education Authorities
Soltech IT works with schools and academies in 53 Local Education Authorities throughout the UK.

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