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How to Build a Team Your Customers Need

In my time working across the UK IT Channel, one thing I’ve always come across is people wondering how they can build a ‘dream team’ – a team that is motivated and dedicated to helping you grow your own, and your customers’ businesses. Especially in our new remote working world, what can you do to ensure your team work together and stay engaged? Here’s what works for me.

The key to building a strong, engaged sales team is team work. ‘Team work’ is a word that’s used a lot in a sales environment, but what does it really look like and what does it mean? For me, it’s a group of individuals that you trust and can rely on for support, development and motivation and that includes the team leader or manager.

As a team, you are motivated by common goals that are aligned with the company goals, but just as importantly with each individual’s personal goals. If these are all aligned, you’ve got a great foundation for team comradery. It doesn’t matter what role you have in a company, everyone has the same aim: to reach the company’s goal. We all play a part in achieving this, so teamwork isn’t just for your direct team – it’s the wider team too. Far too often we have silos in a business that lead to individuals working harder not smarter. But, when you work smarter, you energise your workforce.

Creating a motivated sales team with common goals

To reiterate, common goals are the company’s goals. Ultimately, everyone needs to be going in the same direction. I have a theme of clear communication in my own sales team, but too often employees don’t know what their organisation’s goals are, they seem to stay in the boardroom. Your team needs the vision, it makes them feel part of the company, and gives them a sense of worth, accountability and achievement. All these positives will make any team motivated, which leads to so many benefits; self-development to be better in what they do, dedication to doing their part, to not let the team down, and more strategically, it reduces absenteeism and lowers attrition.

If you’re feeling brave, ask your team about the company’s goals… What you hear will guide your next steps.

Building a great team for the customer 

How do motivated sales teams benefit your customers? Motivation leads to adaptability and creativity. We need this for our customers, regardless of what business you are in. Our customers have different needs, and it is our role to adapt to this. There are many sales teams that have the same tricks with the same measurables, how many teams have a KPI of ‘number of dials per day’. However, this leads to quantity over quality, and at times prohibits a salesperson from having valuable conversations with the customer. I believe customers need a good service, with attention to detail and a good understanding of their needs.

Internal processes enable giving your customers a 10/10 service

I would say that this is ‘opening the can of worms’. What is a good process? Simply, I believe it is a company having the flexibility to service and deliver against what has been promised to the customer. We tend to over complicate processes in a business setting, to the extent that your staff spend too much time learning processes and systems, and less time giving your customers the time they need and deserve. Yes, every company needs standardisation, but processes should be easy and simple to follow. Your customers have their own processes, and if yours don’t fit in with theirs, you’re at risk of failing your customer. After all, ‘one shoe doesn’t fit all’!


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