4 Reasons why the Future is Cloud

4 Reasons why the Future is Cloud

With the final months of 2018 in full swing, every vendor, marketing agency and outlet will be busy evaluating the events of the year; and looking into their crystal balls, in an attempt to predict the trends of 2019.

Well, we can cut to the chase.

The future is cloud!

Really? I hear you telepathically asking. Well let me explain why.


1. Cloud is cost effective

Yes, cloud solutions tend to be subscription based, with smaller monthly payments. But what about the hidden costs of operating such a solution? Or the fact that an on-premise version of the same solution might simply be unattainable for the budgets of small to medium sized businesses?

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2. Cloud levels the playing field

With smaller costs and pay-as-you-need flexibly pricing, smaller organisations who traditionally could not afford cutting edge technology, now have access to the same protection, detection and investigation tools as large enterprises. Today’s cyber security landscape is much more demanding than it has been previously; and as such presents a similar challenge to organisations of all sizes.


3. Cloud is empowering Mobility

For businesses large and small, cloud-based services and solutions are accessible from anywhere in the world, internet connection permitted. This empowers workforces’ to be more flexible and as such, become more efficient. Flexible working itself has been shown in various studies to increase employee output, providing obvious benefits for businesses.


4. Cloud is run by experts

Those offering cloud services hire and train specialists to maintain solutions for the highest levels of availability. Something every organisation is not likely to be able to replicate. Benefiting from these highly optimised cloud solutions means that you will be getting the best out of a service whilst not spending any more. The best of both worlds!

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The March of the Cloud

So there you have it. While we could write a blog post about all the different solutions and technologies which might be popular in 2019 and why, instead we think there will be one star which will outshine the rest.

One which has already been on a steady growth trajectory for the past four years. So much so, that it is almost impossible to find a business who doesn’t use some form of cloud solution today.