Reflections on the MSP Market

Two cybersecurity professionals with 24+ years’ industry knowledge share personal experiences, challenges and lessons learnt from 2020.

Host: Simon King
Head of Technical UK & Group ISO, Infinigate

Simon has brought with 25+ years of security knowledge to Infinigate. As Head of Technical, he manages our Professional Services team, overseas Customer Support, and is the ISO for the Infinigate Group. Simon enjoys travelling the world and says there is so much to see and experience, just so little time.


Guest: Cary Gibbs
Regional Sales Director UK & DACH, Tripwire

24 years’ industry experience solving customer IT and security problems incl. Thomson, Northgate Arinso, Symantec and Norton. Cary joined Tripwire to head the EMEA Alliances business and now leads the team responsible for UK, DACH and Eastern European markets. Cary has made a career from his enjoyment of solving problems and his creative eye for solutions.

Episode 1
Explosion of the MSP Market in 2020

After the explosion of the MSP market in 2020, Simon sits down with Cary to share experiences on the trends, patterns and challenges faced by existing MSPs and VARs entering the market.

  • Methods on how smaller MSPs can stand out
  • How Tripwire guides VARs to navigate service-driven sales
  • Marketing strategies to drive opportunities
  • White labelling vs vendor brand

Duration: 9:32 min

Episode 2
Changing Risk Landscape of Cybersecurity

Simon and Cary look behind the scenes of cybersecurity market and how the risk landscape has changed in 2020 sharing their experiences, challenges and lessons.

  • The impact of the pandemic on the risk landscape
  • The challenges faced by IT teams
  • Down-sizing vs out-sourcing
  • The value of a managed service provider

Duration: 9:50 min

Episode 3
Tripwire’s ExpertOps Fortune 100 Customer

Simon sits down with Cary to get insight on his experience working with a Fortune 100 company that operates in 50+ countries and how ExpertOps is addressing their cybersecurity challenges.

  • Customer needs and challenges
  • Reasons for working with Tripwire
  • How Tripwire helped
  • Tripwire’s plans for 2021

Duration: 9:50 min

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How Managed Services Ease the Burden on Cybersecurity Teams

How Managed Services Ease the Burden on Cybersecurity Teams

Many security teams struggle with attracting and retaining adequately skilled cybersecurity staff. It might be that your customers’ team is overburdened with their responsibilities, or finding it difficult to attract and retain talent. Turnover is a common problem, with organisations and agencies losing skilled individuals to more interesting or exciting jobs.

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Using Tripwire ExpertOps: The Turnkey System Integrity Solution

Using Tripwire ExpertOps: The Turnkey System Integrity Solution

Properly maintaining configuration parameters and identifying changes to your customers’ environment are among the most fundamental IT controls. However, many organisations struggle to maximise value from their security and compliance controls due to limited resources.

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